Thursday, 14 July 2011

My unpredictable Girlfriend...Read and drop your honest heart felt genuine comments

This is a true life story, and the young man is in dire need of answers..

My girlfriend Dupe and I started dating a little over two years ago.

I already knew about her before we began to date;the whole town knew about her. Dupe is the average, modern, rich classy young woman; ambitious, beautiful, sassy, classy, with all the pomp and pagenatry that comes with class.

I on the other hand, am just an ordinary fellow. With lots of dreams, basically, still coming up.

I used to believe a lot in myself before I met Dupe. Everyone loved me, everyone thought I was nice, bright , caring and all, and everyone felt I would make any girl the best husband on earth. i thought so too, but that was before; not now. .

The first day I met Dupe, i directly approached her and told her that i wanted to date her. She was surprised that i was that direct, but some how, within a space of one month, we began to seriously date.

At first i was really happy. She made me believe a lot in myself; she was eager to let me into her life and she told me a whole lot about herself. We were happy and we had lots of laughter.

But within a space of 4 months everything changed. Dupe became cold and very abusive. She would pick the slightest fault in anything I did. Nothing i did was ever good enough. If it was not my style of driving, it was the way I wore my tie, or the color of T-shirt I had on. Very little things that i considered irrelevant.More surprising was the fact that sometimes, just sometimes, she would hug me and tell me how nice I was, and how very caring and selfless I was. Those little moments made me happy, but they didn't last. In fact, sometimes, i wondered if it was the same woman who praised me in that manner, that also criticized me like no one else had ever done. It really feels like a ride on a roller coaster.

I tried as much as possible to be the proper boyfriend. i try to be there for her, to listen to her when she's down, and all those nice things, we've been taught to do as gentlemen. Sometimes she notices, some times she doesn't. The few times she does, she just compliments me so much that I almost start to think of her as nice;almost. And then sometimes, she would quietly ask me if i thought she was mean. Those times, i would tell her my mind, and then I would be optimistic that things would change. They actually did, but just for a while.

One year into the relationship, she called me one day and told me that she wasn't happy, and that she had considered breaking up. Because I loved her, I begged her to stay. i told her that we could work things out and that i was ready to work on my faults. she seemed satisfied and we went back to our usual roller coaster. What agonizes me most is that Dupe is also this nasty to all her friends and family, but they seem to be okay with her capriciousness. it just makes me wonder if I am the one who is actually not tolerant, or maybe she's not as nasty as I make her appear

However, things took a different turn last month when i met Kemi. Kemi is a colleague whom I've known for a while and we've become good friends. But lately, I started to notice her beauty, and the fact that she's polite and nice to talk with and all that. I have only known Kemi for about three months, so i honestly can't say that I know her too deeply. Kemi on the other hand, is also attracted to me, and one day, while we had lunch together, she bluntly told me that and also told me that if given a chance, would like to date me

Now here's our hurdle. I made up my mind to leave Dupe and my plan was that we would break up by next month. I also indicated to Kemi that I wanted to take the chance and start a new relationship with her. This plan looked beautiful till yesterday.

Before now, i had this nice plot of land that i desperately wanted to buy. the price was a bit on the high and I had sought for a loan from my bank to buy it to no avail. And alas, Dupe told me yesterday, that she came up with some money and wanted to buy the land for me.

Gentlemen and Ladies, this is my challenge. Do I allow Dupe to pay for this land, only to break up with her by next month, or do I reject the offer, and start a new relationship with Kemi who I barely know?

Your answers will be very helpful

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